Error code 0-1

How to repair – Something Went Wrong Error code 0-1 ?

Error code 0-1 Description:   The Error code 0-1 can occur due to various reasons. There are various ways to resolve this issue.

There are many reasons for this error on any programs or application is due to missing office program files, network settings, windows updates, registry errors, virus infection, incompatible programs, corrupt & junk files.

Error code 0-1

Instead of fixing this issue temporarily, identify the root cause of this issue and fix it permanently.

If this error code 0-1  is on your MS Office program, kindly follow the instructions given below.

If it’s an issue with a new program installation of office click here to troubleshoot.

The solution for error code 0-1:

First, try repairing the Office program to fix Error code 0-1

Follow the steps given below to repair the office program based on your operating system.

From Control Panel open Programs & Features select Office 2013 or Office 2016 or Office 365 program and then click on Change option to do  Quick repair or an Online repair.

How a Quick repair and an online repair impacts the Office program?

Specific editions that might be shown on Programs and Features are shown below.


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Common problems with Office 365 and Office 2016

The latest version of Office program demands the latest versions of the third party add-in programs associated with it.

Junk & Temporary files on the computer may also cause this error code 0-1.

Malware programs might have corrupted the working programs on your computer.