Error code 0-22

How to Fix Microsoft Office Error code 0-22

Microsoft Office Error code 0-22, while opening, installing, upgrading, or uninstalling office 365, office 2016 and office 2013 programs are due to some critical issues with Microsoft Office program. There are various reasons behind the occurrence of the error code 0-22 like system file error, Antivirus or firewall rules, windows installer (MSI) errors, conflicts in a network or be due to any pre-installed version of  Microsoft Office programs.
You might also see the error code 0-22 while opening Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Visio, Access or Project programs while upgrading the Microsoft Office or after upgrading the Operating System to Windows 10.
Following are some of the steps to fix Error code 0-22, follow the steps in the given order and check if the issue is resolved after each step.

Error Code 0-22

First basic troubleshooting is by to repair follow the article Error Code 0-3  to repair the Microsoft Office program, if the repair fails then we need to uninstall a program and reinstall it. Below given steps could be helpful to Uninstall/Repair Office programs.

  1. Click Start >> Control Panel >>Programs >> Programs and Features.
  2. Select the Microsoft Office program to repair, click on Change.
  • Do one of the following:
  • In Office 2010, click Repair > Continue.
  • In Office 2013, click Quick Repair.

Once the repair is complete, we need to restart the computer.

Uninstall and reinstall the Latest Office programs to Fix error code 0-22

In most of the cases, the previous version of Office installed on the computer may not allow the installation of latest Office 365 or Office 2016 or Office 2013 as a result to avoid duplication. It may throw up error code while installing or upgrading the office program. It is recommended that we remove or uninstall any of the Pre-installed Microsoft Office programs before installing the latest Office program on the computer.

Steps to Download and install Microsoft Office.

Open Microsoft Office My Account

Sign in to Office My Account

Click on Download and Install Office program

Run the Office installer

Please do not close until you see “You’re good to go” All Set