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How to Fix Live Mail Server Error 3219 Followed by 0x8DE00005?

Server Error 3219 or 0x8de00005 on Windows Live Mail is an old issue that is apparently not solved yet. If you all of a sudden can’t send emails and start getting this error code, it means that Windows Live Mail can’t connect to the Hotmail, Outlook or MSN servers. According to specialists, the core of the problem is related to the two sorts of authentication that are using the same credentials at the same time. One credential is used for the sigh-in and the other for the mail server. Server Error 3219 is bothering users that have configured WLM for connecting and syncing mail via the Secure HTTPS link.Thus, if you want to fix server error 0x8DE00005 on Windows, you will have to re-configure your mail account. The guidelines how to deal with Server Error 3219 are given down below.

Server Error 3219

How to Fix Server Error 3219 or 0x8de00005 on Windows Live Mail?

The majority of people who faced the issue with Server Error 3219 fixed it by re configuring the account. This task has to be done manually by performing these steps:

  1. Click on the Accounts Tab – find the + symbol with the @ sing and click it.
  2. Enter your e-mail address, password, and display name.
  3. Check Manually Configure Server Settings.
  4. Select IMAP under Incoming Server Information.
  5. Type in the Server Address field and type 993 in port.
  6. Check Requires a secure connection SSL
  7. Locate Outgoing Server Information.
  8. Here, type as a server address and in port type 587.
  9. Check Requires a secure connection SSL  and Requires Authentication.
  10. Press Next.

That’s it. Your account has been re-configured. Now you should see your newly created account on Windows Live Mail (left window). In case you had some important messages on the previous account, you can import them into the new one by dragging and dropping them to the selected folders. Finally, remove the old account by clicking on it and choosing Remove Account. We hope that server re-configure has helped you to fix Live Mail Server Error 3219 (0x8DE00005).

Finally, if you encounter any problems on your Windows, we highly recommend installing and using Reimage software. This program is a ‘system healer’ as it checks and fixes registry errors, replace corrupted files, detect virus infections, remove duplicate files, and perform many other handy tasks. Therefore, before fixing errors like fix Live Mail Server Error 3219 (0x8DE00005) manually, it is advisable to run a scan with Reimage and check if the error still occurs.